Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Superhero Station

Well, that was a winter filled with nonstop illness.  Lets both ignore how long I've been away, and get on with the cuteness, yes?

Like most kids, mine has a healthy imagination and collection of accessories to bring it to life.  What he really needed was a way to keep everything at his fingertips.  You never know when a villain will drop by, after all.

The little wall I never know what to do with between the dining/kitchen and living rooms fit the bill perfectly.

I've already had to patch a million huge holes in this wall after taking down a cute (but ultimately useless) shelf, plus I really wanted the hangers to not be too obvious.  The clear plastic 3M hooks pack with multiple sizes was perfect for hanging all the different weights/sizes/angles. 

Even better, it makes it VERY easy for the little superhero to hang up his cape at the end of the day.