Friday, August 23, 2013

Where to begin?

That question is pretty much never my biggest problem - I have a much harder time deciding when to stop.... but every blog has to start somewhere, and so here we are, all awkward introductions and high hopes.

Hi.  I'm Kal.  My husband and I moved into our brand new shiny builder grade everything townhouse in 2008, and I've been trying to make it less boring every paycheck since.  Since moving in, we've added a kiddo and a dog, which certainly has slowed my progress in some areas, and hastened it in others.

DIY projects are my happy place - my family jokes that every time we hit a stressful patch, a new room gets painted (or painted again).  I have at least three half finished projects going at one time; stay tuned for progress posts (and eventually crowing about some finished projects, soon)!

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