Monday, February 10, 2014

Change of seat-ery

We've been using an Ikea dining room chair from the as-is section as our desk chair for a few years now, and while I appreciated the price and the easy washability of the slipcover, anyone who's had a Henriksdal knows that the padding covering the front edge (where your hamstrings hit) doesn't last very long.

So we've been eyeing replacements, but they've all been rejected for price (3 digits just seems like so much, for one chair), comfort (brand new, and I could feel the hard bar of wood under the padding!), or ugliness (why is EVERY office chair terrible?).

 So, for a long time, we've just lived with it.

Until this weekend, when the Mr. and I were killing time at the local mall before our dinner reservations, and we stumbled into Crate and Barrel.  Normally, that's outside our budget for furniture, but it's fun to daydream.

Then we saw this little guy... the all wood seat was surprisingly WAY more comfortable than the padded options we've tested out.  Maybe because there's no sinking down?

And, because we found him all alone in the clearance corner, we took him home for a song.

Yes, that's right - Regular Price 299.00, Sale Price 199.00, Final Sale Price 43.00.


And now he fits just right, and we can get down to work, chic and cheap and comfy.

This might be our biggest discount deal to date - what's the best deal you've ever scored?

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