Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hey, let's talk about chairs some more.

Seriously, what is it with me and chair-related projects?  Apologies, chair-fatigued readers, I'm about to embark on another one...

Our living room seating configuration currently looks something like this (give or take a few superheroes, and an updated desk chair and tv stand):

Because of where the stairs let out, it isn't ideal.

Also, the big L shaped couch suffers from being not really very comfortable to anyone but the dog.

As you can see, he really appreciates the dog bed we bought.

So, we shunted it off (the couch, not the dog), and picked up some new cozy seating via Craigslist.

They need a fair bit of upholstery work, but the are SO COMFORTABLE.

And yes, the sneaky dog fits on them just fine.

I'll be documenting my first ever attempt at upholstery fixing these babies up.  After that, the intent is to move the lighter couch to where the L-shape was, and put these chairs in its place.  Of course, given my track record with this room, it may rearrange entirely.

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