Friday, January 16, 2015

Out of the (Jewelry) Box

I had a really lovely little jewelry box to hold my sparkles and assorted accessories...except, it worked a little too well - my jewelry spent almost all of its time in the box, and not doing its job making me look (more) beautiful!

Time to bring my modest bauble collection into the light - or, at least, into my sight line.

I started with a cheap little picture ledge and some cup hooks.

I flipped it bottoms-up, and marked regular intervals where the hooks should go.

I alternated the hooks front and back row to make it easier to pick the necklaces out...

Then, I drilled tiny pilot holes to give the hooks something to grip.

The treads of these hooks were just barely short enough that they didn't poke through the bottom of the shelf - definitely something to double check next time...

Once all the little hooks were in, I leveled and hung it up just below eyeball height.

While it works great for bracelets and necklaces, I had to staple some leftover cross stitch fabric to a wooden frame to make an earring holder.

 And just like that, I can see what I'm working with!  And as an added bonus, the jewelry the Kiddo has made me over the years is on display, too, which he and I both adore.

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