Thursday, October 29, 2015

A Storybook Halloween!

A little off topic, but I couldn't resist...

The Kiddo's school asks that they dress up as favorite story book characters instead of their commercial Halloween costumes.

Last year, the DAY BEFORE, my sweet child decided he just had to be Paddington Bear.

I couldn't find a floppy red hat, so I got the closest thing at Party City's costume department, and some red hairspray.  The hat was made of wool, and that's kind of like hair, right?

Sorry, Mr. Bear...

Then I cut the ears off a teddy bear (purchased for the express purpose of donating his ears, I'm not a complete monster) and attached them to the brim with some liquid stitch.

I snagged some brown corduroy pants and a cozy sweater to complete the bear-look while still being comfy and easy to wear all day at school.  Of course, Paddington needs a toggle coat, too!  I found the entire outfit at a local kid's secondhand store.

I made some tags out of regular printer paper (tie the "wanted on voyage" to their backpack for extra cuteness), with holes reinforced by some cute tape.

On the morning of costume day, I drew a cute nose on the kid with brown eyeliner, and he was a perfect Paddington Bear.

* * *

This year, The Kiddo made it a lot easier on me, picking Milo from Phantom Tollbooth.

Khakis, dark long sleeve shirt, and some white shoes.  Boom.  Print out a Map of the Kingdom of Wisdom, and wrap a big watch around a stuffed pup named Tock.

 If your pup is too big, you can always use a zip tie to keep it on!

Pup is from Ikea, watch from Target's clearance section.

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