Monday, November 4, 2013

Superhero ABC's, DONE!

A few months ago, I got started on my kiddo's superhero bathroom.  I am happy to say, I am FINALLY finished with the last piece of the super-decor.


I took it down to our local craft store, and grabbed a stock frame.  I asked them to cut a custom mat and they mounted the cross stitch on foam.  Of course, they got the order of the mats wrong, so the blues of the mat and the bathroom wall clash a little (also, that Love, Mom business at the bottom was supposed to be covered by the mat...) but Kiddo said he liked it, so I'm not going to worry too much.

extreme close up.

As I was stitching, my son kept a tight watch on my progress.

"Mommy, who is C?"
"Oh.  That is disappointing for Captain America."

Repeat for S.

So, I whipped up a stand alone Superman and Cap.  I just popped them in a frame I had laying around, and you can see the difference between a stretched mounting and a lazy one...

Since they were headed for a steamy bathroom, before I put either of these pieces in frames, I made sure to spray them down with a few coats of Scotch Guard.  I also briefly considered running a little silicone around the frames' edges to seal any moisture out, but I think that might be overkill.  

These guys took a while (I averaged about 1 letter or hero per day), but so very do-able.  Head over to the Wee Little Stitches Etsy shop for a pattern of your own.

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