Monday, May 12, 2014

Bedroom curtains, part I

I got a little bored with my bedroom valances, so I trucked on down to Marshall's and found a perfect pair of replacement curtains.  They had 4 available, but I only grabbed 2, reasoning that I could come back and get the other set if 2 was too wimpy.

Really, all this post is for is to tell you what you probably already know:


OF COURSE they were gone when I decided to go back for the others.  OF COURSE.

So now my bedroom windows look like this...

What did turn out OK was my super cheap-o altering of the curtain finials.  A quick sand, and 2 rounds of whitewash (and wiping off) left me with new, fresh feeling finials, at least.

Now, the search begins for 4 curtains...

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