Sunday, May 25, 2014

Books on CD Storage

The Kiddo loves books on cd after bedtime, because he gets to stay up just a little later without us bugging him to go be in his room.  We love them because they help strengthen his reading skills and we don't have to bug him to go be in his room after bedtime.

But they make rather a mess.  And the Kiddo is only 4, so it's a little tough for him to get the cds out of the plastic pocket in the front of the book.

So, simple solution time.  I found these little letter sorters at Office Max (I've looked but not found them at any other office shop in my area).

They hold the cds perfectly, and the Kiddo can take them out and put them back without a lot of effort.  It helps that the CD player is on the top of his tiny bookshelf, so he can take get them started himself, too.

We have a LOT of these books, so I separated them into 2 of the boxes of his bookshelf.  This way, there's less of a book tornado in the morning after he's searched for the book he's looking for.

I'd love to hear about your simple solutions, too!  Come up with anything particularly clever lately?

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