Monday, May 26, 2014

Captain America Chair

The Kiddo has a favorite outdoor just-his-size Adirondack chair from last season.  After the year outside, it was looking a little sad.

To quote Lighting McQueen, "Now it matches the rest of the town."

I mentioned it needed a new paint job, and the Kiddo suggested "Red, like Captain America!"

"Oh, what if we kept it blue, but painted Cap's shield on it?" I countered.  He LOVED that idea.

I need to learn to shut my big mouth.

I gathered my supplies - paint tins, tape, and concentric circle models.

I did a quick sand to knock the big paint flakes off, and coated everything with Royal Blue.

 It took 3 coats, but it was eventually ready to go.

Giotto di Bondone could reportedly paint a perfect circle, but I am (clearly) not an Italian Renaissance artist.  So I used old frisbees and abandoned Easter baskets as my models for my concentric circles.  I traced them with a sharp pencil, which scored the fresh paint just a little bit.

 Then, it was time to model the star.  Frog Tape worked great (for this part...foreshadowing...).  I made a little 5 pointed star, then just cut out the interior bits.

Today's no-kidding tip is that the type of brush you use makes a HUGE difference in coverage.  I used a foam brush on the left, and an art brush nabbed from the Kiddo's easel for the second coat on the right.

Then, I freehanded the white circle, reasoning that it didn't need to be even close to perfect, since I'd be taping up prettier circles.  I had faith in the Frog Tape.

So much faith, I taped over the whole thing, and re-did my circles.  I scored and cut out where I wanted the red to go.

Then, painted and hoped.

The first bit of tape I peeled off did not bode well.

 And it just got worse from there.  I was so frustrated, I had to remind myself to be a good role model and not hurl that Frog Tape into the woods.

Tape didn't protect the finish underneath, and pulled off the red paint as an extra bonus.

 So, I wound up freehanding everything with a tiny brush anyway.

At least the Kiddo is happy.  And hey, Cap seems to like it, too.

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