Monday, May 19, 2014

Put a Bird On It Powder Room

Our middle floor bathroom was as builder-basic as it gets when we first started out.  Bad light, plain mirror (with uneven mounting clips), uninspiring pedestal sink, and no storage.  At least we had the good sense to select tile floors for the bathrooms in the first place, so there's one less project we have to cross off the list.

This is a shot of our teeny powder room downstairs - I don't have a before picture of the second floor one, because they were both the same (but face different directions).


We painted the room a pretty soft blue, and then went to work taking everything out except the toilet (which we'll be getting to eventually).

New light, new vanity (with storage!), new faucet, new mirror, towel ring, light switch cover - new everything.

There's even birds on my towels and soap dispenser.

The art in here was cut out of a calendar I'd saved for years - they need bigger frames and mats, one of these days.

Not to get too personal (though we are in the bathroom, after all), but certain members of my household like a little reading material in the restroom.  I don't understand it, personally.  

In an effort to corral the loo literature, I hung a wall file folder from some 3M hooks.  That worked about as well as you'd imagine.

Yes, I did install a coordinating flusher handle.  We're fancy.
What a mess.

Thank heavens the 3M strips come off so easy.

Love that I don't have to fill yet another nail hole.

Luckily, I found an ultra-narrow magazine stand that was just small enough to fit in that tiny gap, but roomy enough to hold all the books.

 Next steps in here include finally getting around to painting the wood quarter round the same color as the trim, adventures in toilet upgrading, new frames/mats for the old art, and painting the ceiling to match the walls (which I like in tiny rooms, but not big ones...).  But at least the books have half a hope of staying out from underfoot.

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